Alchemia, Estery 5, Cracow. That’s a real cafeteria!

Alchemia, Kraków ul. Estery 5
Alchemia, Kraków ul. Estery 5

We dont have a philosopher’s stone, panacea or any magic drink that can provide immortality. But we have Alchemy, Alchemia in Cracow. That place really looks like a alchemist’s laboratory…


Alchemia in Cracow is located in the middle of Kazimierz nightlife. Close to the Plac Nowy with famous polish fastfood – zapiekanka. Alchemia on Estery 5 is open from 9:00 a.m. till 2 or 4 a.m. Here you can have a cup of coffee in the morning, go on a business meeting or only for a party with friends.

If you got lucky, you can park your car close to the Alchemia’s door, but usually lookin’ for a car parking in Kazimierz tooks many time. You must remember about paid parking zone from from Monday to Friday (10 a.m. to 8 p.m.). You can park for free only on Saturday, Sunday and holidays. If you don’t want to waste fuel you can park on Wąska street. Only a few steps away from the Alchemia…


Alchemia, Kraków ul. Estery 5
Alchemia, Kraków ul. Estery 5, main room

Like I said, interior of Alchemia looks just like a alchemist’s laboratory. The decor of the shelves in the first romm behind the bar is just all kinds of glass vials and tubes, interspersed with a variety of alcohol bottles from which you can choose. Room is also decorated with stuffed crocodile and beautiful candlestick.

Entrance to the most interesting room in Alchemia is located on the left side. Room is decorated with red wallpaper, large mirror, and big wardrobe which you can step into. Passing through the door transfers to smoking area. But that’s not all. Look on the right and you will see a small, dark room usually filled with a candle light. On the right you can see a room typical for old polish village house. That place looks amazing, especially at night.

Alchemia, Kraków ul. Estery 5
Alchemia, Kraków ul. Estery 5

Alchemia is not only a cafeteria, but also a club. Going down the stairs in the left corner of the main room takes you to the second part of the Alchemia. „Party part” of the place is equipped with a small bar and a dance floor. The music here is so loud. If you don’t like it stay on the first floor.

In the summer you can sit down at the tables in front of Alchemia. After sunset, the seats are heated by heat lamps.

Is this a place to work?

The cafe is open from 9 a.m. and you can find here a free Wifi spot covering almost the entire local. Finding a power outlet in Alchemia is not a problem. The place s friendly to work for freelancers. It is a pity that the evening is pretty dark in here, and music is so loud. In winter, the place is cold, so do not sit at the windows

Alchemia, Kraków ul. Estery 5
Alchemia, Kraków ul. Estery 5


You can buy almost everything here. There are cakes, alcohol, coffee and non-alkohol drinks in the menu. For wine lovers, I recomend sweet red wine – Santo Subito. Prices are not among the highest in Cracow. Coffee can be purchased for 6 zł, cake for 9. Unfortunately juices poured directly from the boxes, such as other soft drinks. The upside is that you can pay by a credit card here.


Alchemia, Kraków ul. Estery 5
Alchemia, Kraków ul. Estery 5

Alchemia is a very specific eatery. You can either love it or hate it. Over the years of existence, Alchemy gained a strong position among other cafes in Cracow. Visiting Krakow and Kazimierz you just have to drop by here.

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